Other Projects

Kersa Villages

In 2013, EKHC staff worked with four different villages and an elementary school in Kersa Kebele to develop improved water sources and provide training in sanitation and hygiene for an estimated population of 3,800 adults and children. The approved project called for building a large reservoir which would be filled from a pre-existing well near-by. A gravity-flow system connected the reservoir to water distribution points located close-by to each of the villages,  and the school, and a health clinic, providing families and children with ready access to safe water. Families and children were trained in sanitation and personal hygiene and encouraged to construct family pit latrines. In the fall, HORCO sent additional funds to help construct a large pit latrine for the school. This was not in the original plan but it became obvious that this was needed to complement the improved water source at the school.

The impact of clean water and sanitation in the Kersa Villages was immense. In 2012, an elder in the village passionately pleaded for clean water at the Kersa School. At that time they had no teachers, because they did not have clean water. In 2014, HORCO visited again, and they had 2 teachers; at the time of our visit in 2016, there was a beaming principal proudly telling us about the school, the kids and the 9 other teachers that worked at the Kersa School!